WOD 14/3/13

Warm up and skills – work on all the aspects featured in open WOD 13.2


Black box WOD – turn up – tune in – WOD out

Come along and see what we have planned.


Tomorrow at 6:15 we will have the first official run through of 13.2 – bring your A-game.

WOD 12/3/13

5 X 1 SP, 3 PP, 5 PJ

Work up to max weight for the complex. Take 2 min between sets.



Pull Ups

SDHP @ 70% of max weight for the complex above

KB Swings 24/16

*Denotes a block run after every round.

Post loads and times to commentsOmnipotent Crossfit, Glasgow (17)

WOD 11/3/13

Handstand Push up skill work and Kipping progressions


Overhead Squats


3 RDS for time

15 T2B
12 Thrusters @ 70% of max 3RM OHS
9 Handstand Push ups

Post loads and times to comments


What a fantastic day with some fantastic people – you all did amazingly well. I am so proud of all of you who kept on going through the hardship and pulled of new skills in such a short time and lifted weights in ways they had never done before! You guys RAWK!

Open WOD 10/3/13

What a fantastic day at OCF with all our registered athletes and some newcomers taking part in the open workout 13.1. The family got behind everyone and screamed until our throats were sore. I really am impressed with everyone that took part in their first open. long may your experiences in CrossFit be a satisfying!!

Team WOD – 10/3/13

Prior to tomorrows Team WOD we will be performing the final judging for the open workout 13.1 – Please come down early enough to do a proper warm up and mobility and to find out which heat you will be going in. We have had some amazing scores so far and we are looking forward to a few of our athletes trying to smash those PB’s.
We would like to also add anyone else wishing to come down and support those taking part tomorrow please do. The more motivation the better. We are a family and we help those in their time of need!!! It may be a long morning – so come prepared with protein shakes, food and fluids.
10am – Open Workout 13.1
12pm or so
Team WOD
Working in Pairs
Four ten minute AMRAPs
2 Minutes rest between each AMRAP
1 Athlete runs the other swings – Simples
Double handed KB Swings  28/16
Double Squat Cycle 20/12: Clean to rack, racked squat, swing KB’s and back to rack
Snatch (Only one arm allowed per turn – duration of partners block run) 20/12
Double Long cycle 20/12
Tip: Best to rest in the rack position
Count all reps and accumulate over the 40 minutes. Subtracting your penalties x3 from the totals.
Penalty description:
Keep a count of the number of times that the KB’s go down (NOT counting transition/changeovers). After the four Amraps each team will add up their penalties and multiply by three.
This will be the number of burpees that each team needs to do between them.  KB’s go down 10 times = 30Reps between the two athletes in the team not each.
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WOD 7/3/13

Open workout 13.1

17min AMRAP

Men/women/scaled men/scaled women

40 Burpees
30 snatches at 35/20/30/15
30 Burpees
30 snatches at 62.5/35/40/25
20 Burpees
30 snatches at 75/46/50/35
10 Burpees
As many snatches as possible in the remaining time at 92.5/55/60/45

Post total score of reps to comments.

Check out the video below by Kstar of key mob moves that are imperative to do before embarking on 13.1!
Good luck to all our athletes – today’s session was a very good one in getting us all ready for the start of the open. 🙂